Application - Application Procedure


IMPORTNANT: All applicants have to go through a standardized application and selection procedure. Students have to fill in the application form that can be downloaded from our Webpage (see below). In  the application form applicants are asked to select 3 principal investigators in whose lab they would be interested to perform their Ph.D.. Therefore please read carefully the information provided under “Scientific Research” and “Participating Faculty”. There you will find a description of the specific projects as well a link to the individual websites of each principal investigator. In  the application form applicants are asked to select 3 principal investigators in whose lab they would be interested to perform their Ph.D..


Applications are accepted only in English and should contain:

  • filled  application form
  • the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of two people (typically professors) who would be willing to send letters of recommendation (further information see: Letter of recommendation)
  • a copy of all university certificates;



Application form (Download and How to Submit)

There are two ways to submit your application;

  • If you are specifically interested in a particular group you can directly submit your application form together with your certificates and the two letters of recommendation to the group leader you are interested in. If he/she is interested he/she will forward your application to the program coordinator and the selection committee.
  • Alternatively you can also send your application documents to the program coordinator, who will then pass on your application.

Click here to download the application package in RTF-Format (will open with Microsoft Word) which includes the application form and the cover letter to your referees. Please complete the application form carefully and save it in RTF or PDF format and return it by e-mail (as an attachment) to the Coordinator of the Program: or the group leader of your choice. Further please forward the enclosed cover letters to your two referees.


Alternatively (only in case of applying to the coordinator), you can also fill out and submit the application form online by clicking here ! Note: For this, you also will need the letter of recommendation. The corresponding cover letter can be downloaded here


Please note: Letter of recommendation

We request letters of recommendation from two scientists who are familiar with your academic work and who can judge your potential as a Ph.D. student. Please forward the enclosed cover letters to the referees and ask them to e-mail their letters of recommendation directly to the Coordinator of the Program at or the e-mail of the group leader to whom you are applying to. Please note that we will be unable to process your application without letters of recommendation. These letters are therefore an essential part of your application, and it is your responsibility to ensure that the referees write to us. Application without corresponding Reference letters will be incomplete and will not be considered.


Selection procedure and admission

Complete applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of group leaders of the Program. Successful candidates will receive invitations for an interview with a panel of group leaders and will have the opportunity to visit the labs of the participating groups. Interviews will take place in English. If admitted to the program the fellowship can be started immediately thereafter.



If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact the appropriate office at any stage of the process.