Life Science in Freiburg - Scientific Environment


The Research Training Group is embedded into an excellent and highly active research environment in Freiburg. It closely interacts with the SFB 592, which investigates signaling mechanisms in embryogenesis and organogenesis in animals and plants. Other flanking SFBs include SFB 746 (Functional specificity by coupling modification of proteins), SFB 780 (Synaptic mechanisms of neuronal network function), and SFB 620 (Immunodeficiency: Clinics and animal models).
The research training program furthermore benefits from the “Center for Biological Systems Analysis” (ZBSA), which started its work in 2008 and offers state of the art microscopy and imaging, genomics and proteomics facilities and training in these technologies, and the BMBF funded “Freiburg Initiative for Systems Biology” (FRISYS), which provides easy access to systems biology approaches to organogenesis research. Of high relevance for the scientific training environment of the research training program are furthermore the “International Max Planck Research School for Molecular and Cellular Biology” (IMPRS-MCB), the “Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine” (SGBM) and the “International Graduate Academy” (IGA) of the University of Freiburg.
Lectures seminars and courses organized by these two programs are generally open to students of GRK 1104 and vice versa. The IGA supports the training program with a large number of “soft skill” courses offered covering scientific writing, communication, languages, management, application training etc. During the second funding period the newly founded “Center for Biological Signaling Studies” (BIOSS) and the “Freiburg Institute of Advanced Science” (FRIAS) with its “School of Life Sciences” (LIFNET), both funded through grants from the German Excellence Initiative Program since October 2007, further improve the scientific environment of the research training program. Through the BIOSS cluster and the FRIAS LIFNET School several new senior and junior groups in the field of life science are established in Freiburg including groups in the field of organogenesis. Furthermore, through FRIAS even more international guest scientist are regularly attracted to Freiburg providing the doctoral students with additional possibilities to establish international contacts.