Qualification Program - General Concept



The Research Training Program “From Cells to Organs: Molecular Mechanisms of Organogenesis” (GRK1104) offers an interdisciplinary postgraduate training program in biomedical sciences with a thematic focus on developmental biology, cell differentiation and organogenesis.



The program leads to a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat., German equivalent of a Ph.D.) from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Freiburg. Students accepted into the program are funded through fellowships or grant money from the participating faculty. Initial appointments are for two years with a possible extension for a third year. Students with personal fellowships are also eligible to apply. The language of communication is English. For international students language courses in German to facilitate everyday life are offered and assistance in settling down in Freiburg is provided.



The graduate study program provides students broad and up to date training in methods and concepts of modern biomedical research. It is designed to promote their independence, and aims at an early integration of the participating students into the international scientific community. To achieve these goals students are supervised by interdisciplinary “Thesis advisory committees”, and participate in practical workshops, lecture courses, a regular graduate seminar, an invited seminar speaker program, mini-symposia, and retreats. In addition students are encouraged to attend scientific meetings and to visit collaborating labs, and are expected to actively participate in the planning and design of their research projects and the study program.