Scientific Program - Projects (Period II)


Currently the following projects are analyzed as part of the Research Training Group (GRK 1104) “From cells to organs: Molecular mechanisms of Organogenesis”:



Group Leader

Project Title

Dr. Sebastian Arnold

Cellular mechanisms of lineage commitment to cardiogenic mesoderm during mouse gastrulation

Prof. Dr.
Ralf Baumeister

Role of Rho GTPAses for the regulation of apoptotic engulfment during early development.

Prof. Dr.
Andreas Diefenbach

Lineage committment and lineage relationships of lymphoid tissue inducer cells.

Prof. Dr.
Wolfgang Driever

Roles of Wnt signaling during precursor proliferation and dopaminergic differentiation in the ventral diencephalon.

Dr. Virginie Lecaudey

Coupling morphogenesis, differentiation and collective cell migration during organ formation

Prof. Dr.
Annette Neubüser

The role of SoxE genes in inner ear Development.

Prof. Dr.
Annette Neubüser

Patterning of the olfactory placode and specification of GnRH neurons.

Giorgos Pyrowolakis

BMP-Signaling Networks in Drosophila Organogenesis.

Martin Scaal

Signaling mechanisms in the development of the avian dorsal aorta.

Prof. Dr.
Gerd Scherer

The roles of Sox9 and Sox8 in Sertoli cell - germ cell interaction.

Prof. Dr. Tanja Vogel

Determination of the Tgfbr2-mediated phosphoproteome in the context of neurovascular development of the forebrain

Prof. Dr.
Gerd Walz

Crosstalk between BBS and NPHP proteins in pronephros development.